About Dr. Elmore

As an elementary student, Dr. Janelle Elmore did not like science. Then along came the teacher who made science fun. College degrees in food science eventually followed. After graduating with her master’s degree, she went to work in product guidance for the Campbell Soup Company. Project assignments there whetted her appetite for more knowledge in sensory science and she pursued a doctor’s degree in the field of Sensory Science under the direction of Dr. Hildegarde Heymann.

In addition to Campbell’s Soup, Janelle’s employment history includes positions with S.C. Johnson: A Family Company and ConAgra Grocery Products. From these three major corporations, she gained experience in working with new product development, product improvement as well as new product packaging and packaging improvement. Janelle has also worked with Horizon Research Service. She continues her academic connections by giving guest lectures at the University of Missouri-Columbia and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Elmore Consulting was formed in 2001. Though private consulting, Janelle is able to make her years of research and project management experience available to companies who may not have her expertise on staff or who may just need an on-call researcher or statistician.

All science and no play makes the PhD a dull scientist. Elmore Consulting’s play therapists include sons, Benjamin and Nathan and husband, Drew.

BS, Food Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

MS, Food Science (Statistics Minor)North Carolina State University

PhD, Food Science (Sensory Emphases), University of Missouri-Columbia

MBA, Marketing Analytics, University of Missouri-Columbia